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Criteria for Membership

The network is open to new nodes at any time. Groups wishing to join the network are expected to meet the following criteria:

How to join PLANET

The procedure is simple: Just fill out the form below and submit it by pressing the button at the bottom of this page. Your application will be decided upon within 2-3 weeks.

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact the network coordinator at

Membership Application Form

General Information

Note: * indicates required field


Name of the applying organisation*:
Organisation Type:
Postal address:
Information about the new node
Name of the contact person*:
E-mail address*:
Members of the node:
Description of your group:
Information concerning the network
TCU(s) you want to participate in: Aerospace Applications
Dynamic Scheduling
Intelligent Manufacturing
Knowledge Engineering
Planning & Scheduling for the Web
Robot Planning
Workflow Management
Are you already member of another NoE? No. Yes, in
What is your motivation for joining PLANET?
Where do you see your contribution to the network?

To submit the form via e-mail, just press the button below. Thanks for your interest in PLANET.

Note: Your answer will be send within an e-mail to the network coordinator un-crypted. It will reveal your e-mail address, as well. If you do not want this, download fill out this form and send us a hardcopy.

The postal address is:
  Prof. Dr. Susanne Biundo
Dept. of Artificial Intelligence
University of Ulm
D-89069 Ulm, Germany

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