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AI Planning is a key enabling technology for intelligent systems. It increases the autonomy, flexibility, and robustness for a wide variety of application systems. These include web-based information and e-commerce systems, autonomous virtual and physical agents, and systems for the design and monitoring of production, management, and business processes. PLANET is the European coordinating organisation for research and development in the field of AI Planning and Scheduling. It aims to stimulate innovative research and development and to promote the industrial uptake of the technology.

PLANET supports activities that foster progress in research and development. It promotes the exchange and collaboration between academic and industrial sites through training and technology transfer activities. It maintains a supporting information and communication infrastructure and represents a comprehensive source of technological expertise.

PLANET is a "Network of Excellence" funded under the Fifth Framework IST Programme of the European Union. Created in 1998, it currently associates about 200 researchers and practitioners from more than 68 member sites: leading universities, research centres, and industrial companies from more than 18 countries.

PLANET is an open network and welcomes participants from all over Europe. Contact:

Map of Europe, showing the

nationalities of the network's nodes (41kb) Ireland Portugal Bulgaria Spanien Frankreich Grossbritannien Belgien Niederlande Schweden Deutschland Tschechien Ungarn Österreich Slowenien Italien Griechenland Zypern Israel TCU Workflow Management TCU Robot Planning TCU Knowledge Engineering TCU Dynamic Scheduling TCU Intelligent Manufacturing TCU Aerospace Applications TCU Planning & Scheduling for the Web

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