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PLANET, the "European Network of Excellence in AI Planning", aims to increase the technological progress and transfer in the field of AI Planning and Scheduling. One way to do this is to support site visit exchanges among academic and industrial groups.


If you want to apply for a site visit, please write a short (1 page max.) outline of the visit's purpose. The proposal has to include names and affiliations of the persons involved as well as an estimation of funds applied for, like travel costs, accommodation, etc. PLANET's funding policy is to only partly support activities and events. Exceptions can be made for short-term visits, however. In general, site visits are expected to be related to the work done in PLANET's Technical Coordination Units. Therefore, please send your application to the respective TCU chair(s) if appropriate, and to the network co-ordinator otherwise. The network executive committee decides on the proposal within three weeks following the guidelines and procedure given below.


The purpose of this section is to define the guidelines and procedures for these site visit exchanges. Examples of suitable purposes for site visits include:

Visits by small numbers of researchers/developers for other purposes will also be considered.

The site visit proposals will be judged through a series of criteria which will be used by the network executive committee (NEC) to do the selection. The criteria are not defined in priority order and are meant to have equal weighting in the final decision. Each criteria is accompanied by supporting notes and are as follows:

  1. Does the visit provide a conduit which would otherwise not exist?

    The site visit should have a defined purpose and identify the common interest between the parties involved.

  2. Does the visit proposal provide details of deliverables?

    In defining the purpose of the visit the groups should identify deliverables that should result. At the minimum a trip report should be produced and sent to the NEC and forwarded to the European Commission (EC). Further deliverables which provide input to a road map, building links with other EU projects and initiatives will be given extra weighting. It is important that the visits are used to produce new results and should not be viewed as a way of discussing potential projects and collaborations or a general get together.

  3. How do the deliverables relate to the road map?

    PLANET is focusing on some areas of particular interest and accordingly structured through its "Technical Coordination Units" (TCUs). The road map is the central focus of each of the TCUs and proposals should provide evidence that they are providing additional materials for their area road maps. Other materials or a direct contribution to the network e.g. surveys, special issue articles, bibliographies, WWW pages, etc. should be viewed positively.

  4. Does the proposal provide links to or between other networks?

    If the proposal is between groups which were previously disparate then this should be viewed positively. Visits between groups in different networks should also be viewed positively.

  5. Have attempts been made to fund this by other methods?

    The proposal should describe why PLANET is best suited to provide such funding.

  6. Is the proposal part of an already established series or is it the start of a new series?

    The proposal should describe how the visit fits in the context of past and/or future interactions.

  7. Does the site visit result in guiding efforts?

    PLANET aims to be a representative source of expertise. Any visits which have the potential to result in innovative ideas and proposals should be viewed positively. The visit, however, should not be used for project proposal writing and if so would be grounds for rejecting the application.

    The aim of these guidelines is to provide consistency between the different applications and to ensure that constructive feedback is made to potential applications. This document is intended to develop during the PLANET programme and will be modified via feedback and comments from the EC, the NEC and various PLANET open meetings.

This means a final decision can be expected within three weeks.

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