Technical Coordination Units

PLANET is, among others, focussing on several areas of particular interest. Work in these areas is organised by so-called Technical Coordination Units (TCUs). A TCU is a collection of those industrial and academic nodes that are particularly interested in a certain area.

Currently, the following TCUs exist:

* Aerospace Applications, coordinated by Tim Grant ( and Amedeo Cesta (
* Intelligent Manufacturing, coordinated by Ruth Aylett (
* Knowledge Engineering, coordinated by Lee McCluskey (
* On-line Planning and Scheduling, coordinated by Gérard Verfaillie (
* Planning and Scheduling for the Web, coordinated by Alfredo Milani (
* Robot Planning , coordinated by Michael Beetz (
* Workflow Management, coordinated by Daniel Borrajo (

All TCUs are open to all network members. If you wish to participate, please contact the respective coordinator.

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